Feels for Mark Pellegrino's Lucifer on Supernatural [gifset]

Feels for Mark Pellegrino's Lucifer on Supernatural [gifset] -- I swear if this son of a bitch hadn't killed Gabriel I would really love him

"My kitty thinks he's a parrot. Everyone... This is Cody." via Mark Pellegrino

"My kitty thinks he's a parrot. This is Cody." via Mark Pellegrino Lucifer has a cat.

Mark Pellegrino. love this man so much. He's only been in 5 shows I watch... haha.

Daily postings of Mark Pellegrino, the actor best known as Jacob on Lost, Lucifer on Supernatural, Bishop on Being Human (US), and Dr. Jedikiah Price on The Tomorrow People.

Hi im ellen. I like glitter, chocolate, and middle aged tv actors.

I thought that was one of the really good drawings but nooooo people make up your minds

Supernatural fandom... Mark Pellegrino, everyone.

- Supernatural fanart - Lucifer's wings are hot pink and sparkly - Mark Pellegrino, everyone.

Magawd!! I just love this guy even more after this... I mean, yeah he defends Lucifer because he actually /plays/ him, but lakjslaks my feels

Check this out

I have come to the conclusion that Mark is either ACTUTUALLY Lucifer, or working for him. He's made it so we all adore/miss/sympathize with Satan to the point of insanity. Or maybe he's just a hell of a method actor (see what I did there?

Mark Pellegrino aka Lucifer - Supernatural Photo

Wallpaper and background photos of Mark Pellegrino aka Lucifer for fans of Supernatural images.

Mark Pellegrino<---Satan and kittens. A wonderful combination.

King Lucifer™ on

I got: You got Lucifer!! Which Supernatural Guy Is the Male Version of You?

Which Supernatural Guy Is The Male Version Of You?

Ok this is Mark Pelegrino (Lucifer) reading a book to torture Sam!! Absolutely Hilarious!!!

Luci Guys the book is called: Ways to Torture and Seduce Unstable Moose Men by B. As in God! God is telling/helping his son how to torture and Seduce Sam!