First of all:  1. i wish i could get my hair to be like that.  Second of all:  2. I want that dress

I Want This Wardrobe: The O.C., Season 1

The O.C.: The Pilot (#1.01)--Best line ever. I get chills just thinking about this moment.

One of the best scenes :) marissa and ryan meet eachother for the first time

25 Photos That Prove Everyone On The O.C. Had Terrible Style #refinery29  Who: Summer Roberts & Marissa Cooper What: A Tube Dress & Bell Sleeves Peak 2004. None of us stood a chance....

If "The O.C." Was Your 2000s Fashion Inspiration, You Need To See This

Style Lessons We Learned From The OC's Marissa Cooper | Marie Claire

Style Lessons We Learned From The OC's Marissa Cooper

Mischa Barton's character Marissa Cooper in The OC was sassy, spoiled, and seriously stylish back in the day

How 'The O.C.' Shaped My Style (Yes, Really) via @WhoWhatWear

How 'The O.C.' Shaped My Style (Yes, Really)

Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood, The OC                                                                                                                                                     More

19 Times Marissa Cooper's Hair Sparked A Style Revolution

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Your character has been given the job of interrogating Leisel a thirteen year old from the enemy side because she knows when the rebel base will be attacked. She sits in the room looking around nervously.

Elizabeth, or Liz, is sitting by herself on a hay bale with this expression outside a corn maze.

I love the black belt detail and the subtle ruffles at the bottom of this maxi

The Definitive Ranking of the Best TV Prom Dresses

Happy 28th Birthday, Mischa Marissa Cooper Barton

Happy 28th Birthday, Mischa Marissa Cooper Barton!

At least Marissa Cooper knew how to dress.

Marissa Cooper was a fictional character and leading lady on the show "The O." played by actress Mischa Barton.

Mischa Barton, Chanel Reissue

Mischa Barton,shy sweet wary glance up from texting Chanel Reissue