I found it super rude and ignorant of the people who gave her hate for the new version of Harley Quinn. Like she didn't decide on how Harley Quinn would look or wear so like back off.

Margot Robbie

You'll never find Margot Robbie stepping onto a red carpet looking anything short of perfection. Whether she's donning platinum blonde locks or a chocolate

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Margot Robbie looking beautiful as always at the London screening of Focus…

Margot Robbie - Added to Beauty Eternal - A collection of the most beautiful women.

lovelaceleopard: “ theroning: “ Margot Robbie photographed by Carlos Serrao for V Magazine ” love lace leopard

I already loved Margot Robbie but Suicide Squad made me love her even more!

((Fc: Margot Robbie)) Hello, Im Evarlee Fox. Im a nurse here and I love to help people especially the boys who think they are tough till they get a cold then they are suddenly dying. Im single but wouldnt mind company.

Margot Robbie usa vestido longo nude e sandália de tiras prata

In Her Shoes: Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie's <em>Focus</em> Wardrobe Is Going to Be <em>the</em> Thing You Talk About From the Movie (and We've Got the Scoop!)

Margot Robbie’s Focus Wardrobe Is Going to Be the Thing You Talk About From the Movie (and We’ve Got the Scoop!)