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Lighted Zelda Wall Lamp and Triforce Royal Crest Wall by LuxChroma

Navi plush. the legend of zelda

[DIY] Tutorial - Peluche Navi / Navi Plush [The Legend of Zelda] So CUTE . but in spanish I'm going to make so many of these

Chibi Link - Legend of Zelda by on @deviantART

Chibi Link commission, based off of the figma with nicer colored pants haha. He's about 11 inches tall made of deersuede, cotton, felt, and craft foam. Chibi Link - Legend of Zelda

Makar Plushie Tutorial Part Two: The Face by on @deviantART

FULL VIEW PLEASE. Some side notes that might help: + The color of the green felt I use is called "Grassy Meadows" & I buy it at Joann fabrics, but y. Makar Plushie Tutorial Part Two: The Face

Hylian shield - how to by on @deviantART

This is my improvised Hylian Shield made out of foam It doesnt look like an original, I changed some parts so don't burn me D the main pard is made out . Hylian shield - how to

Beautiful Link & Zelda shadowbox papercutting! Instructable at the link.

Paper Cut Shadow Box

Inspired by Hari & Deepti, my friend and I decided to make a romantic Zelda + Link paper cut shadow box (silhouette box? back lit box?