Could be a Fetchling? Space Elf? Tiefling? Not sure, but clearly quite magic.

monstersanosa: Warden Colt Tabris (before he became a Warden and he was still a thief in Denerim) - Dragon Age sometimes I forget that elves have reflective eyes like cats do, but when I remember things like this happen.

This is Daniel. He's Lily's older brother and very protective of her. He's the only reason she escaped unscathed. He followed her shortly after. He's quiet, strong, brave, and caring. He loves everything that flies especially his dragon, Peony. Come say hello

Gideon was a Fae king before he became the Crimson Wizard. He saw many horrors and violence during the brutal Fae wars.

Lucien... Not sure how he gets the scar but gonna use it somehow                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Gouka by omupied. Art / Cartoons & Comics / Digital / omupied Commission for *shingorengeki Painter IX + Thanks for viewing

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Artist: Unknown name aka - Title: Unknown - Card: Unknown 어머나세상에사랑해요

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Moon Elf by kerembeyit. Moon Elf … Cover art that I made for the novel named La Reine Morte (La Geste de l'Epée de Feu Series) by Florent Martin

Fallen Angel by LuneDeCreset on DeviantArt

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Black Angel for fans of Magical Creatures images.