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did i hurt that jerk cuz if i did i am soooo i actually am but seriously what's the issue with him

Ten Thousand Hours - Macklemore --this is now my mantra. Making one painting a week.

I think about this quote everyday. Photography is a creative journey that has so many highs and lows but practicing your art every day is what makes you the best at whatever you do.

Just because you miss someone, doesn't mean you need them back in your life. Missing is just a part of moving on.

Just because you are missing someone doesn't mean you need them back in your life. Missing I'd just a part of moving on.

Macklemore...He tells it all in this song and Im so glad he had the balls to sing it to the world. I have so much respect for him

Hey, imgur, can we go thrift shopping? This man has been so inspirational to me and a pride to Seattle's.

And know that every struggle in life is there to teach you a lesson, It's time like this that makes you.~Mackelmore

from bella vista sydney Rock climbing in Calala Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Oh man what i wouldnt do for the oppurtunity to climb this then jump it!

Love Macklemore

Nightcap (19 photos)

Seattle rapper Macklemore and his producing partner Ryan Lewis worked hard, believed in themselves and made a fortune in the process.

Yesssssss!! You never know what a person is going through! Stop and THINK before you speak/ act!

So stop hurting people. People who hurt or bully others are often very insecure with themselves. So they hurt others to make themselves feel big and strong. Also they are very often being bullied themselves either at home, or at school.