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Vector art was a category I came across later in my research stage. It drew me in by its minimal, flat and simple design yet it was still able to speak to its audience. This art has sourced inspiration to me for my own artworks and style of my drawing.

One of the illustration trends of 2016 is low-poly designs, which are made up of geometric shapes that come together to create an illustration that's 3D in appearance. Check out these awesome low poly illustrations that we found > https://desket.co/blogs/news/low-poly-design-inspiration     #design #lowpoly #poly #illustration #vector

Low Poly Design Inspiration

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Deadpool is a very crude superhero in the fact that he always seems to push the boundaries of what a normal hero would say or do. I think older children him like him just because they like his crude behavior and him talking about taboo subjects.

I've been a bit fascinated by the low-poly style that has been popping up around the web lately and wanted to give it a try in Cinema 4D. The modeling style is quite simple and forgiving so you can...

Low-Poly Iceberg

Low Poly Deadpool iPhone 6 Wallpaper (750x1334)

Customize your iPhone 6 with this high definition Low Poly Deadpool wallpaper from HD Phone Wallpapers!

1920x1080 | I Made a Minimalist Low-Poly Background | [OC]

Made a Minimalist Low-Poly Background