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Hodges Gardens State Amazing Parks In Louisiana That You Have To Visit They don’t call Louisiana sportsman’s paradise for nothing. We have some of the most sprawling and gorgeous waterways in the entire United States. It is truly a wonderland fo

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Louis Cathedral - New Orleans, Louisiana - French Classicist architecture - flanked on each side by the Cabildo (former Spanish administration bldg) & the Presbytere (former city court house) both now museums - (image by Jon Armstrong)

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Real Life EverQuest: Innothule Swamp (Manchac Swamp, Louisiana Located in the U. state of Louisiana, near the city of New Orleans, is also known as swamp of the ghosts.

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300 year old oak trees, Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana. One of my favorite places to visit. I've gone out to Oak Alley every time I've been to New Orleans.