Henry Louis Gehrig Born: June 19, 1903, New York, New York Died: June 2, 1941, Bronx, New York Bats: Left Throws: Left Played For: New York Yankees (1923-1939) Elected to the Hall of Fame by Baseball Writers: 1939

Henry Louis Gehrig played 17 seasons for the New York Yankees and was know as the "Iron Horse". He was the first MLB player to have his jersey retired. He suffered from the incurable disease, ALS, or also know later as Lou Gehrig's disease.

~~Lou Gehrig 1938~~

MLB Lou Gehrig 1938 Action

Lou Gehrig's speech on the 4th of July 1939. Despite the statistics that may state otherwise and that are misleading because his career was cut short, Lou Gerhig was the greatest Yankee who ever put on that uniform. May he always be remembered for what he still represents in spirit: THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEES. Every Yankee should remember him and follow his legacy.

75 years ago today, Lou Gehrig delivered one of the most oft-quoted speeches in American history.

Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth

Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth - Gehrig went on to win 8 world series and Ruth and Mantle hold the distinction of hitting the longest home runs of all time

Lou Gehrig ~ "Henry Louis Gehrig (June 19, 1903 – June 2, 1941) was an American baseball first baseman who played 17 seasons in Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees (1923–1939). Gehrig set several major league records, including most career grand slams (23) and most consecutive games played (2,130). Gehrig is chiefly remembered for his prowess as a hitter and his durability, a trait which earned him his nickname 'The Iron Horse,' as well as the pathos of his farewell from…

This Day In Baseball History: July - Retiring New York Yankees’ legend Lou Gehrig made his ‘Luckiest Man’ speech at Yankee Stadium as the team held ‘Lou Gehrig Appreciation.

Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig, The New York Yankees "Iron Horse". Hate the yanks but have respect for good players

Found this in the vault. Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig doing some spring training workout warm ups. Love.

New York Yankees Lou Gehrig leaps over a bat held by Joe DiMaggio during spring training. On April Lou Gehrig played his last game with the Yankees. He had played in consecutive games. (Sporting News Archives)

Lou Gehrig- my all time favorite player

The 50 Greatest Baseball Players of All Time

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  "Every 90 minutes, someone is diagnosed with ALS and every 90 minutes someone dies from ALS. It has been over 140 years since the disease was first diagnosed and we still have no cure, no viable treatment, and no known cause." ALS is 100% fatal.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Lou Gehrig "In the beginning I used to make one terrible play a game. Then I got so I'd make one a week and finally I'd pull a bad one about once a month. Now, I'm trying to keep it down to one a season."

Lou Gehrig "In the beginning I used to make one terrible play a game.

Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees

75 years ago today… The great Lou Gehrig ends his consecutive games-played streak at Suffering from ALS, the Iron Horse would hang his hat for good all too soon on July “I might have.

Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig Finally Sits Down - 75 Years Ago Today - Briggs Stadium, Detroit (May