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Small Garden & Coffee Shop Graphics **Small Garden & Coffee Shop Element & Decorate Scalable Vector Files Everyth by beerjunk

15 Fun Activities for 3 Year Olds! | Not Just Cute

DIY Sand and Rock Box by FSPDT. Gdjk -> made this with toilet rolls (aka tunnels) and moon sand instead of play sand. My son loved playing with it. The moon sand cleans up nicely indoors but play sand will be easier to play with when using the small cars.

Awe, reminds me of my cats. I wonder how many times they will have tried to climb it while I am gone......

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree. your ornaments are history!" Keep your cats out of the Christmas tree. Plus, some decorating precautions to keep kitty safe.

Cute, but who needs a capo for ukulele? It has four strings. You have five fingers. You can make practically any chord work.

Do You Know Who Sang These Lyrics?

How to write a song (and great advice to apply to other pursuits!) - from a Tony and ACM Nominated Singer/Songwriter Songwriting, How to Write a Song, Lauren Lucas

Fake tree trunks. Could be cute for a store window display,or just because. Think this might come in handy.

DIY – Fake Trunk :D

DIY – Fake TREE Trunk - this is pretty clever. They used the thin cardboard paper you sometimes get as packing materials.

Creative! Now, it´s just so easy to find my phone charger. And the cable even looks good.

Ideas nunca antes vistas para decorar tus audífonos

Color Block Cord- maybe this will stop the cats from chewing on all the chargers

A much more economical charging station than those wooden things from Pottery Barn or whatever.

Create A Clean Workstation

Create your own charging station with a power strip and an old shoe box. Simply decorate the shoe box, cut holes for the charger wires and put the power strip inside the shoe box.

Yesterday (1/2) Kara: (Ahh, Ichimatsu's singing along with my guitar...Crap, the next chord, where is...it...) Ichi: "...Useless Kuzomatsu" (Shit I made him mess up) Kara: "Ichimatsu, one more!" Ichi: "Dont wanna." Kara: "Please do it again I'm begging you!"

Yesterday Kara: (Ahh, Ichimatsu's singing along with my guitar.Crap, the next chord, where is.Useless Kuzomatsu" (Shit I made him mess up) Kara: "Ichimatsu, one more!" Kara: "Please do it again I'm begging you!

These necklaces are very cute and easy to make

Daily Frugal Tip: DIY Washer Pendant Necklaces

I've gave it all away nothing much left to give this world takes and takes I've never got nothing returned not even thank you.

Good people are like candles; they burn themselves up to give others truth. It's about finding other like minded candles so we can shine light during others darkness.

This will hit you right in the feels

31 Times Faith in Humanity Was Restored

"Oh Yes! They saved this sweet Mule, who certainly realized that this was NO wading pool! You'll agree: Faith in humanity restored; in my heart it strikes a chord!