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Summer 2015

Mustard yellow dress and messy bun-- perfect fall combo for my little one.

She's so sweet! [cannot find the original address though] (SSP?? what SSP means?)                                                                                                                                                     More

Kristina Pimenova (born December 2005 in Moscow, Russia) is a talented Russian model and actress. She began modeling at the age of doing catwalk and fashion shows. Kristina travels a lot & likes doing so.

I don't care a bit about this article, I just want to have a little girl this adorable!

Rare Girl Names 2014

Cute hair style, not sure whether I would put it on my little girl but it is a really sweet idea! Messy bun good idea for cute little girl 👧🏼

Empire waist girls' garden dresses in moss and plum... 'Twould be lovely May Day frocks! (No source; image serves as seamstress inspiration /guide.)

Calyssa and Carys- Praya's twin sisters. Calyssa has teal eyes. Carys has lime green. Sharing the colors of their older sister (Praya's) two different color eyes.