Beginning of the Year:  Procedures and Listening Skills

Beginning of the Year: Procedures and Listening Skills

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Read how fun activities can help middle school students improve their active listening skills!

Active Listening Skills: Activities for Middle School Students

Students with attention difficulties struggle with active listening skills. Here are activities to help middle school students improve active listening.

Kindergarten Listening Skills Lesson « Music City School Counselor

Kindergarten Listening Skills Lesson

Whole Body Listening Poster For professionals and parents to use with individuals 4 to 9 years old. The Whole Body Listening Larry Poster provides a fun way to reinforce lessons of the storybooks.

Listening games

Fun and Engaging Listening Games for Adults

Listening - Even though this says "listening game for adults", I think it would be great for the elementary classroom as well. It gives students the opportunity to strengthen listening skills as well as cooperation skills, plus it would be fun!

Have a 2 year old that doesn't like to listen? These 20 listening activities are fun and effective. Your toddlers and preschool kids will be following directions in no time with these whole body games and music.

Listening Activities for 2 Year Olds