Snails - Linocut block ink print

(Short stop motion movie. attempting to use non-traditional methods of painting) Examples of Anita's Work (Glazed Charcoal Draw.

Makin' waves-Whale - lino print 2014 - Yoko Isami, Japan

Makin' waves-Whale Lino print

Makin' waves-Whale - lino print 2014 - Yoko Isami, Japan--- à reproduire sur un t-shirt!

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'sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboat-bobbing sea' linocut print by Laura Fox Gill.

'Through the Trees' Linocut print, by Rachey Jane Prints via Folksy, £30.00

Inspiration for garden chairs makeover- Through the Trees Linocut print Rachel Willock (interesting three-color print - three different blocks printed onto one sheet.

Scuba Lino

This is a small linocut print that is part of my every growing obsession with maritime art, CWB