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12 Dos and Don'ts of Facebook Page Management

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You’re Overthinking Facebook Parties – Here’s What Really Works

A fun party idea!

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Avon sample lipsticks, vintage

My mom sold Avon, and I LOVED getting these samples before I was old enough to wear makeup:) totally forgot abt these! Note: My mom sold Avon too and I also loved these! What a Blast from the Past!

Feria del Libro de Londres se volcará en Shakespeare. El Bardo de Avon será invitado especial en charlas, seminarios y presentaciones de libros

Feria del Libro de Londres se volcará en Shakespeare

The Paley Center, the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company, and more fans remember the Bard's passing, four centuries on.

And the winner is....... Hayley!!! And in second place is grace!! CONGRATS GUYS!!

But after a (long) time deciding, the winner is for the Bendy OC . (Vote below if I should make another dta of a Bendy OC or adoptables?

A friend had a room almost exactly like this in England.  One side had windows.  Love it.  Library Stratford Upon Avon, England.

Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France My dream room, with a more comfy chair and a blanket.maybe a bay window.

How to choose an eyeliner to fit your look #AvonCanada

Whether you want edgy eyes or a sleek finish complete your look with AVON eye liner available in brilliant eye pencils and liquid liner.

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I finally saw Shakespeare's tomb at Stratford, and then Janet and I ended up at a rummage sale in the hall next door.  I snagged some fabulous emphera there.  When Cousin Ardyth saw Shakespeare's tomb with Aunt Carolyn, she wept.  I just loved that dramatic story of Ardyth crying over the "Bard's" tomb.

Shakespeare’s tomb in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford upon Avon, England

GLOW Girls : Jamberry Nails Facebook Party Script

OK, I confess, this is more of an outline than a script! I& taken the combined in home party script and shown how you can ensure t.