Railway sleepers - redgum, planned back and decking oil at a top coat.

Thinking of making the draws a simalar look as the redgum on this mailbox.

Keep all those little bits of paper you get from traveling. Oh these are perfect #diy #crafts

23 creative ways to decorate your home with your travels

Shadow boxes can look so cool if they are done right.and that is the problem, trying to do them right. Here are some ideas on cool ways to make shadow boxes come back into style like those high waisted shorts from our mothers era.

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Okay ladies, tell me something, how would you feel if the man of your dreams spent the time to use a quill pen and ink to write you a love letter and then took you out on an amazing date? Old Love Letters ❤ LoVe HuRtS ❤

Vous connaissez les Open When Letters ? Découvrez 101 idées de Lettres à "ouvrir quand" pour réussir votre cadeau ! Cliquez ici pour lire l'article.

may have seen our list of 101 Open When Letter Topics. If you have, you already know that open when letters are super popular.

[Letter Box, 1615-1868 Japan, Edo Period (1615-1868) (Via Vicky Nieto - "JAPANESE Inro, Ojime, Netsuke" board)] http://www.pinterest.com/vickyn27/japanese-inro-ojime-netsuke/

virtual-artifacts: “Letter Box (lid) Japan, Edo Period lacquer, Overall - cm inches). The Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Collection ”