So true no matter how tough we act we have our insecurities

Pinner said and i agree: yep. its alot more about me than it is you. haha sounds bad but its true! i beat myself up alot for little things

This is very true for me! Maybe 3 people I would consider my very closest friends and 1 of them is a guy believe it or not! I'm not interested in him or anything though, he's a really good friend

Leo - They may be social people, but they only consider a few people close friends.

Although some days I don't feel tough, I just need a hug and reassurance things will be ok

Us Leo's hide our big warm fuzzy hearts behind our protection systems and heart break detectors. If you get by the systems you will become our best friend.

You made a choice , you blew me off , you say you care but YOUR actions show different..

He touched my heart so deep nobody can do the same. Ive waited 2 years to have that love again

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I don't fully believe you can get to know someone by knowing his/her zodiac symbol. However, there are generalities which are true in most cases.