Daily Horoscope Lion 2017 Description Okay the reason this is on the Phan board is because this sounds a lot like Phil.

Zodiac Leo Facts.

Feel lucky if a Leo cares about you, we can easily not if you treat us the wrong way.

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Damn straight, so don't mess with me or my cousins! of the total 17 are Leos)

Opposite signs - https://themindsjournal.com/opposite-signs/

Opposite signs

Opposite signs - https://themindsjournal.com/opposite-signs/

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True, so if a Leo truly cares about u and ur one of their peeps, consider it a huge honor ;

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Is it sad that I actually say something similar to this? Omg I literally said this to a friend a few days ago


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We have very strong instincts when it comes to RIGHT from WRONG. We don't need other people to agree with us. But we WILL make ourselves known and HEARD.