Super Easy Building Instructions - 4 Speed Gearbox - Lego Technic

This Lego Technic 4 Speed Gearbox works like This : The Input makes the left clutch gears turn two times slower than the right clutch gears (Dark gray gears .

Attaching a grabber to a forklift mechanism? - posted in LEGO Technic, Mindstorms & Model Team: Thanks to the posts on this forum I have modified a simple grabber that I want to put onto an NXT line follower robot to grab a soda can (I still need to play with the design to put rubber grips on the inside of the jaws and try to fit a touch sensor in so it knows when it has shut around it). Once it grabs the soda can it needs to lift it approx. 10cm off the ground, locate a red block, mov...

Attaching a grabber to a forklift mechanism? - posted in LEGO Technic…

Lego Cabinets - IKEA Billy                                                                                                                                                                                 More

After a few months “storing” my Lego in a small dusty cabinet i realize that already didn’t had more space. This is my solution using Billy line from IKEA: Billy – Corner.

The top LEGO Technic set that I have ever seen and some of the most enjoyable to build: Cars, trucks, robots, bikes... everything is possible with Technic

Russian Lego fan Egor Karshiev recently won the Lego Co-Creation Challenge, ‘You Design it, We Make it’. His prize? Lego built a limited edition set of his awesome technic vehicle and invited him to tour the factory in Billund, Denmark.

How To Make a Basic Lego Technic RC Chassis - Fast - YouTube

This is a MOC ( My Own Creation ) Power Functions You will need -Servo Motor -L Motor -Battery Box -Receiver Modern Rock Boy by Audionautix is licensed under.