Student Learning Profile Quick Survey

In my travels visiting many schools, I learn about and share strategies that help students learn. That’s the best part of my job–giving and receiving ideas that educators take back to t…

All About Me Activities: A Multiple Intelligences Assessment

All About Me Activities: A Multiple Intelligences Assessment

Learning Styles

The 7 styles of learning: visual: spatial solitary: intrapersonal social: interpersonal linguistic physical: kinesthetic logical: mathematical

Learning Style Survey {Freebie}!

This survey is intended to give you and your students an idea of their learning styles as you plan for instruction. 10 basic questions ask students their opinion of how they learn best. *Recently updated font choice*

Kindergarten and Mooneyisms: Multiple Intelligences (In the Classroom) - A Field Guide by Marek Bennett

Graphic detailing the multiple types of intelligences and what people with those intelligences do to learn. For example, I am a visual/spatial learner, so I learn best when someone draws me a picture.


Assessment: A type of evaluation that involves determining how much a student or class has learned or is currently learning, can come in any form (discussions, tests, etc.