Tillman Long Interiors - Laundry Chute! I've always wanted one! Will definitely have to have one in my future house. (:

Melanie Pinola Mount a DIY shoe rack to organize your high heels using a curtain rod and Command™ Large DHome ideas Tillman Long Interiors (upstairs laundry chute). If I ever have more than 1 story again, I WILL HAVE THIS.

laundry chute!  My grandparents had one of these that went down to the laundry room in the basement - I always thought it was the coolest idea!

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Laundry chute cupboard

Laundry chute cupboard, nice way to hide the dirty clothing until you are ready…

Homearama Pictures traditional-laundry-room

Homearama Pictures - traditional - laundry room - lzward - bottom of laundry shoot.will need bigger basket!

Must have laundry chute! I love the idea of it all landing in a cabinet until you are ready to sort.

Laundry room with great storage options - eclectic - laundry room - charlotte - Hardwood Creations -- Laundry shoot

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HOC Trans Modern White - traditional - closet - los angeles - House of Closets, Inc.

Genius ideas for laundry chutes.  Had one of these in my childhood home and I will never live without one.  #priceless

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I just love this idea for a laundry chute because Im wild about boats. oceans, lakes, rivers, fish, seaweed, zebra mussels on shipwrecks that slice your hand open - its so calming to me. I dont think this is necessarily elegant, but I would love to see it everyday.

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Porthole Laundry Chute >> Inspiration might be an understatement! This lady is awesome and reuses a lot of things. Here, she used a porthole from a ship as a laundry chute. I think this is genius!