Larry Legend.

A young Larry Bird shows his perfect shooting form in this iconic photo art piece.

Respectful rivalries... and really short shorts. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Magic Johnson & Larry Bird - and back when men still wore shorts instead of skorts. Thank goodness for the trend to long short!

Mike, Larry Magic. We are the Dream Team. Aint nobody better. Get on our level. Can't touch us. #BallinwithAids

Nike's unveils new Team USA basketball jerseys

Erving dunks on Bird.  These are the guys who were playing- whose games would be on 66 WNNNBC when I finished swim practice and drove home.

The Official Site of the

Julius Erving vs Larry Bird - Dr J - The Doctor: Erving was named to the NBA's Anniversary All-Time team and in 1993 was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Larry the Legend.

NBA Player Nicknames: The 20 Best of All Time

Larry Bird gave Chuck Pearson one of the most amazing trash talks in sports history!

Larry Bird, one of the greatest pure shooters of all time. Look at that concentration!

Larry Bird, favorite all time NBA player. Not as good as MJ or Lebron but got to admire what he did with relatively average athleticism.

Larry Bird Tribute Issue by Indiana State University

Larry Bird Tribute Issue