Cute little knit sweaters from Gingermelon

Little Ladies [ "Gingermelon Dolls: Free Pattern Little Ladies", "Cute little knit sweaters from Gingermelon", "Oh I

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bitstobuy: Free miniature knitting pattern - Dolls house family part 1 (There are 3 parts to the Doll Family Pattern!) on bitstobuy

Waldorf dolls patterns. Scroll towards bottom and L side to find link

Scroll towards bottom and L side to find link - for a knitted in the round Waldorf style doll, really nice

free knit barbie doll clothes patterns | Knitting Pattern Baby Barbie Doll & Premature Babies

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********************************************************************************** This is a PDF toy knitting pattern - NOT the finished toy in the photos! **********************************************************************************  Please meet Martin, the House Elf!  Martin is a good luck charm for the house he lives in! In daytime he observes all the household members from his hiding place. When all the family goes to bed he comes out and starts tidying up. He hums his favorite song…

Doll Knitting Pattern - Martin the House Elf Knitting toy pattern Knitted doll Knitting pattern doll Knitted toy Knit pattern toy boy


Lovely Dolls Outfit handmade by me - To fit doll e. Comprises a pink lace pattern dress with crochet flower detail, white panties with pink edging, pink shoes with white crochet flower to front and a pin.

Flutterby Patch: A time to craft And is this little-friend-Susan?

Knitting Patterns Fairy pin cushion Baby in basket Pencil Dolls Tiny Topsy Sheep Snowmen Daffodils Penguin Fair.