Kinesiology Taping for Edema and Lymphedema. Visítenos en la Clínica de Artrosis y Osteoporosis PBX: 6836020, Teléfono Movil: 317-5905407 en Bogotá - Colombia.
KT tape for shoulder
Kinesiotape for carpal tunnel
Hand Anatomy. Unidad Especializada en Ortopedia y Traumatologia PBX: 6923370 Bogotá, Colombia.
Sedute di 30 minuti a scelta tra: tecarterapia, massoterapia, osteopatia, tens, ultrasuoni, ionoforesi, magnetoterapia, kinesiterapia, laserterapia. Anamnesi preliminare inclusa In zona Policlinico
Kinesiterapia, medicina física*gag
Stroke Mirror Therapy | Stroke Engine Intervention: A site about stroke rehabilitation
Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy Exercises - Motivating Yourself To Do Them
Kinesio Tape Instruction for tennis elbow, wrist pain and shoulder stabilization