Colors and Kindergarten: Kindergarten Goals

This kindergarten skill goal sheet is a fun and very visual way for the kids to see what skills they have mastered. When a skill has been mastered, the child can put a sticker in the box. Excellent motivation to meet kindergarten goals

Student skills assessment page to track each students skills.  Quick trick:  use different colored ink each time you assess and use can use the same page all year long!  by Pocket of Preschool

Student data pages: Track each students’ individual skill level ALL year long on just two pages! The individual student sheets and portfolio activity pages/charts have the letters, numbers, and shapes in the same order. Pocket of Preschool

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages Freebies!!

Reading skills and comprehension for 5 year olds in infantile or 1 EPO Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages Freebies!

3 Page Kindergarten Assessment

3 Page Kindergarten Assessment

Number Fluency Practice for kindergarten. Use these free activities to practice reading number fast and accurate.

Free Fluency Activities - February

By now you students are reading and really working on increasing their fluency. And so here are some great free fluency activities for February!

Kindergarten Baseline Assessment, data tracking forms and testing materials FOR THE YEAR! Great for general education and special education for progress monitoring and RTI purposes.

Kindergarten Customizable Baseline Assessment (RTI & Progress Monitoring)

This is a Common Core driven assessment that will help drive instruction and monitor progress for the entire year. Track students progress each quarter and

FREE Beginning Literacy Assessment for Pre-K and Kindergarten - aligns with most WAkids needs

FREE Beginning Literacy Assessment

The Polka Dot Patch: Assessment Anyone, lots of great beginning/middle/end of year assessments for kindergarten and FREE!

Reading Assessment-Kindergarten throughout the year assessment for literacy and math. Here you can find a printable sheet for beginning, middle and end of year benchmark assessment.