I can never get over his hotness - Kim Woo Bin                              …

Kim Woo Bin, his right eye is much smaller than the left. Not noticeable unless you're paying attention. He is a superb actor and handsome

Kim Woo Bin - I don't know what it is about him.. but yummm

I seriously hope his cancer isn't serious cause he is an amazing actor and such a good person.

Kim Woo Bin - Giordano SS 2015

kpophqpictures: [CF] Kim Woo Bin – Giordano S/S 2015

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The news of Kim Woo Bin's Nasopharynx Cancer diagnosis is heartbreaking, especially considering his most recent drama Uncontrollably Fond. Let's hope he is able to fully recover from this rare disease.

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[261117 ©BM] Kim Woo Bin's Eyebrows — Kim Woo Bin for Magazine M

[261117 ©BM] Kim Woo Bin's Eyebrows — Kim Woo Bin for Magazine M

Kim Woo-bin is a sexy life guard in 'The Traveler' | Koogle TV

Model-turned-actor Kim Woo-bin showed off his physique in a recent photo shoot with the global travel magazine “The Traveler.” Donning a set of rash guards from Murrell, Kim posed in front of the emerald blue waters of Okinawa Island, Japan.

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Korea’s Bad-boy sweetheart takes off his mask

Kim Woo Bin, I love the suit on him

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