Still Playing School: Spider Races and the Benefits of Oral Sensory Activities

Spider Races

Still Playing School: Spider Races .of liever bewegende spinnetjes, zonder het competitie element in de yogales.and the Benefits of Oral Sensory Activities

Our kids went to a Halloween party last week and this is one of the games they played. There was a spider web on the floor, made with tape. The spiders were made out of egg carton cups, with chenille stick legs, and googley eyes. The spiders were spread out around the web.

Spider Web Halloween Game

Are you in charge of Halloween Party Games for your child& classroom party? We have got you covered with these Halloween Party Games for Kids!

Fun Halloween game ideas for the classroom!  I can definitely see these being turned into MATH activities!  :)

30 Awesome Halloween Games for Kids

Another fun carnival game to add to the neighborhood party or parade! Try your luck tossing the ring on the witch's hat . this or the orange cones decorated like a witch's hat for ring toss - cute!

Don't Jiggle the Spider!! Halloween Obstacle Course Fun for Kids

Don't Jiggle the Spiders!! Halloween Obstacle Course Fun

Throwing a kid-friendly Halloween bash for your little ones and their friends? These 30 Awesome Halloween Games and Activities will not only keep them entertained—but also get them in the fall spirit!

30 Awesome Halloween Games for Kids

Top off a pumpkin-balloon game with a green stem. A festive take on a classic carnival game, it also makes a festival wall decoration.Get the Pumpkin Stem Template