Top rack bolted on so can be removed.

This is my ideal solution.load up for camping, add kayak paddle board, not too high off the ground

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Things to include in every kayak fishing hobie. Security tools and techniques used in fishing usually have the same elements that are used when using fishing boats in general.

Build Your Own Kayak Trailer: No Welding or Cutting Required

Learn how to build a kayak trailer by converting a utility trailer using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe.

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Home Built Canoe or Kayak Trailer

Weld or bolt eye bolts to the ends of the cross members and to the center upright where each cross member crosses.

how to turn a harbor freight trailer into a kayak trailer.

How to Turn a Harbor Freight Trailer Into a Kayak/Camping Trailer

Kayak Trailer Rack Single Tier 4 Kayaks- Rack-kayak-4 | Kayaks ...

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PWC trailer made into a Kayak Trailer.

Kayak Storage Ideas - For those who have another storage methods which have worked for you, I'd really like to hear about them. The wonderful thing ab.

Kayak Trailer - Harbor Freight Mini Trailer

Kayak and Canoe Trailer Projects - Harbor Freight Utility Trailers

trailer wiring diagram

Use this as a reference when working on your boat trailer wiring. Includes 5 and 7 wire plug and trailer wiring schematics.