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Josh Holloway, American actor, b.

Josh Holloway from Lost. Oh my goodness.

Josh Holloway aka Sawyer from LOST series

Josh Holloway - my love @Caitlin Burton Bradford

Sawyer, Josh Holloway's character in Lost.he was a bad boy ;

Satser, Josh Holloway, male actor, eye candy, steaming hot, Lost, great tv, photo

Josh Holloway (Sawyer) from LOST, favorite character :)

i miss u sawyer #LOST

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Josh Holloway (aka Sawyer from Lost) Hottie McHotterson

Josh Holloway

Inspiration for hero Judge Dark-Josh Holloway, male actor,

Josh Holloway. This is a classic Sawyer face. I can so see him sayin something like "catcha later freckles"  but to me.. I have lots of freckles

THEN & NOW: The Cast Of 'Lost'

Josh Holloway as James 'Sawyer' Ford

Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway aka Sawyer from LOST.I'm glad he's not lost anymore.

Josh Holloway- INTELLIGENCE 2014 - even with short hair this man is gorgeous. and, i LOVE his new show!

Josh Holloway Short Hairstyles For Men

Josh Holloway --  I didn't watch Lost or see any other movie that Josh Holloway ever played in... BUT when I found this picture on someone's board, I just had to pin it myself. HE IS TRULY HANDSOME!!!!

Josh Holloway aka Sawyer from Lost. It's a shame he didn't have such a hat during the show.

LOVE (times a million) him as Sawyer from Lost :)

Josh Holloway as James 'Sawyer' Ford

Sawyer, always Sawyer    Yes, I had the good fortune to meet him in Honolulu...

Josh Holloway aka Sawyer from Lost

Josh Holloway -- was so good in "Lost"--In my dreams, he was Aidan with an Aussie accent in my first Julno ms, Venom.

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He played everbodys favourite rogue, Sawyer, in Lost and Josh Holloway would be the perfect actor to play everyone's favourite bad-boy in Whispers of a Storm, Arillion

Josh Holloway - josh-holloway Photo

Josh Holloway as Josh Sawyer

Josh Holloway  #romancingthejoan

The men of Lost - Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway

Talented southern actor with cool hair.