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"Why are you so serious?" The movie Dark Night is my favorite movie. I liked Joker rather than Batman. When Joker said "Why are you so serious" I felt this movie is going to be famous.

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I pinned this from Joshua Corona. This image is of the Joker, and his face is made of us a quote of his "Why so serious?" I like the graphic design perspective and how the typography is used to give his face and hair shape.

Black and white Joker art

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This picture is awesome. (I have a feeling someone drew this during a lesson though) Xx

Drawing I just finished based off of a tattoo I saw on here.

Batman vs Joker- Probably one the my favorite comparisons between the two.

Yes, usually I don't particularly like the joker, but this hidden message is really creative. :) see if you can find the "why so serious" quote

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Would be a great tattoo. Why so serious hidden in the joker's face

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Batman vs. The Joker

The ultimate friendship

you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian (This is an awesome work of art)

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