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This slideshow features photos of a young, hot Johnny Depp. These photos of Johnny Depp when he was young depict a talented, sexy, actor on the brink of being one o.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

13 Rarely Seen Photos of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

For four glorious years in the nineties, celebrity couple, Kate Moss and Johnny Depp, called this now-on-the-market Greenwich Village brownstone home.

What a double whammy     Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp at a screening of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Dec 1993 surely there weren't stylists in the

Lmao!!!! The captions crack me up!!!!

Johnny Depp's Awesomely Bizarre Photo Past

Johnny Depp & John Waters, is he blowing a bubble made out of spit and cake?