White Cocktail Dress - White Chiffon Double Diamond ...cute for rehearsal dinner :-)

25 Dreamy Reception Dresses Under $150

'High fashion' or fashion designed whilst high!? Marla Marchant’s amazingly cool  #3Dprinted Heels...

'High Fashion' Or Fashion Designed Whilst High! Marla Marchant’s Amazingly Cool Printed Heels.

Why Smart Social Marketers Think Mobile First [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Smart Social Marketers Think Mobile First [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is why smart social marketers think mobile first! Mobile is more common than a desktop. I didn't really know that mobile was that much more popular then desktop. I really like the way that this info-graphic breaks down the mobile usage.

Again I'll say it: forgive me, Father, for I am about to sin.

Now see, I would go to church every day if at least one of my priests looked like that. I think I might have trouble paying attention though.<< Forgive her Father for she is about to sin.< I totally forgot about Priest Rory.

I would push that button for so many characters.

*breaks button by pressing it to hard* *and imedietly falls in love and gets married to said fictional character*💝💝💝

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