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Jessica Goes Daisy: Her Wow Workout

Jessica Simpson's Secret to Fitting into Daisy Duke's Short Shorts? Lots of Squats. And Lots of Sweat Her WOW workout.

I remember they had a censored version of this song for like Radio Disney where she says "Right now I'm gonna say no" instead of "I know I meant to say no". It's hard to believe the stuff they censored back then and look at us now... Jessica Simpson - "Irresistible"

The Sovereign Lucifer Light Lord God Genevieve Gustilo Jallorina Solis is Jessica Simpson 'Cindy Crawford', the She-Wolf with Nick Lanchey (Blue Jay Termulo 'Jared Armani' MTV - Where You Are

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Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson's "Newlyweds" Love Nest

Jessica Simpson Cassel Dress Pump in Powder Sleek

Fail or Win? Scene-Stealing Jessica Simpson 'Cassel' Laser Cut Pumps

Events like the 2010 MTV Movie Awards are usually a gold mine for fashion spots but this year, to quote the meme, "I am disappoint". The only real shoe sta