Jessica Alba for The Sunday Times

Fashion photographer Eric Guillemain captures actress Jessica Alba for the June 2014 edition of Sunday Times. Jessica Alba was styled by Roxane Danset, with hair by Jen Atkin and make up by Lauren Anderson.

Actress Jessica Alba gets her closeup in a turtleneck sweater

Jessica Alba Wears Honest Beauty Looks for Shape Magazine

Jessica Alba by Carter Smith for Allure                                                                                                                                                      More

Jessica Alba on the Gwyneth Paltrow Comparisons: It's Unfair to Lump Actresses Together: Photo Jessica Alba is stunning on the cover of Allure magazine's September 2015 issue. Here's what the actress and businesswoman had to share with the…

jessica alba eric guillemain2 Jessica Alba is Clean Cut for The Sunday Times Style by Eric Guillemain

Jessica Alba is 'Clean Cut' for The Sunday Times Style by Eric Guillemain

Clean Cut - Jessica Alba Sunday Times Style by Eric Guillemain - Fashion Editorials

L'actrice Jessica Alba se lance dans la création d'une collection de jeans pour la marque DL1961.

Jessica Alba réalise une collection de jeans

Get Your Wallet Ready: Jessica Alba's New Denim Collection Is Finally Available to Shop