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You're lying to yourself if you say you don't have a crush on Jeremy Sumpter (AKA Peter Pan)

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Fc:Jeremy Sumpter) Hi everyone, I'm Jesse Nethers. I've been sorted into the Hufflepuff house. I'm pretty active and love the outdoors. That about sums me up.

So uhm. Steph and Bernice. If you're reading dis. xD his name's Jeremy Sumpter. :))

Jeremy Sumpter with puppies. My childhood crush on Peter Pan shall probably never cease.

My childhood crush on peter pan. Well i still have a crush on him!♥

If you didn't have a crush on Peter Pan when you were a kid, you are either A) a liar, B) a dude, or C) an unfortunate individual with an incomplete childhood because you have never seen this movie. (but that smile tho)

Holy crap!! Can anybody guess who dis is? .... Jeremy Sumpter. From the non-animation Peter Pan.

I liked this picture because I thought it showed off his boyish Peter Pan smile while still being older