‘Rejoice! Our times are Intolerable’. Jenny Holzer and her ’15...

‘Rejoice! Our times are Intolerable’. Jenny Holzer and her ’15...

Jenny Holzer, detail from Inflammatory Essays Poster (Inflammatory Essays, 1979 -

Women in the Arts: Jenny Holzer | Lauren C. Byrd

Women in the Arts: Jenny Holzer

you are a victim of the rules you live by Favorite Artist: Jenny Holzer.

Savor Kindness Because Cruelty Is Always Possible Later

amirsulaiman: “ Savor kindness because cruelty is always possible later. “ - Jenny Holzer’s truisms ” ”

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The World’s Most Romantic Public Art

I need to lie back to front with someone who adores me Jenny Holzer 2001 Site: St. Matthew’s Church, Berlin, Germany February 2001 Text: Laments, 1989 Projection: FX Productions;

JENNY HOLZER, Untitled (Selection), from Survival Series, 1983-1985

vjeranski: JENNY HOLZERUntitled (Selection), from Survival Series, plaque with black x 10 x ¼ in x x cm)via

Survival Series Silver Stickers by Jenny Holzer (1983-1985)

"Survival Series" - Jenny Holzer stickers from 1983

from jenny holzer’s 1993 installation called "marquees"

jenny holzer Truism Jenny Holzer’s marquees truisms turn soft and lovely and time you have a chance

Jenny Holzer; one of the most inspiring installations I've ever seen... At the MCA in Chicago back in 2006, I believe. Changed my life forever

Jenny Holzer - SURVIVAL, (exhibited as part of Creative Time’s Street Project

Jenny Holzer - Projections, 2004

jenny holzer- I want peace with all my body and all my soul