James «Sawyer» Ford

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I like him DIRTY & Lost...                                                                                                                                                                                 Más
im going to be devastated when Garrett finally gets past me begging to not cut his hair and chops it off.
This look... #Lost #Sawyer  www.mydentaltourism.com
Josh Holloway. This is a classic Sawyer face. I can so see him sayin something…
Josh Holloway, Sawyer, Lost, portrait, male, actor, attractive, sexy, hot, celeb, famous, portrait, photograph
**** 3.04 "Every Man For Himself" - After Colleen died, Pickett beat the tar out of Sawyer, who did not fight back. It's complicated.
sensual-intelligence.ca : Josh Holloway!!! So hot I actually had to find out if he was married.
LOVE (times a million) him as Sawyer from Lost :)
un cabrón incomprendido.
don't touch me with those filthy hands and that filthy smile of yours { sawyer ; kate austen ; lost }
Josh Holloway from Lost. Oh my goodness. http://www.zimbio.com/Josh+Holloway/articles/Qmnkq7LLYDd/Josh+Holloway
Sawyer, Josh Holloway, Lost, sexy guy, male actor, long hair fashion, beard, celeb, famous, love this guy to death, portrait, photo
Furcht <3 Envuelto en llamas
Sawyer's letter to Mr. Sawyer (aka Anthony Cooper, John's father)
Josh Holloway (Sawyer) with Dharma Initiative beer....  <3
Lost - John Locke, Boone Carlyle, Hugo Reyes/Hurley, James Ford/Sawyer, Jack Shephard