Yeeeeeeeeeeees. Im 21 and look 16. My boyfriend is 22 and looks about 28. We get asked how old we both are by concerned older adults constantly when we're out.

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Italian Girl Problems. Lol! Def when the Olivieri's get together!

Italian Girl Problems ~ When you can't leave a family gathering without kissing every single family member goodbye.

Italian girl problems

Italian Girl Problems the only italian trait i got was loud talking, talking with hands and im short

Italian girl problems- I was only asked if my dad was in the mafia a few times growing up... ;-)

Someone actually thought my dad was in the mafia when he saw my dad, and he isn't even Italian. My dad is Puerto Rican, my mom is Italian XD

Italian girl problems (Not true with the males in my family! All the ladies are under 6', but I'm the shortest at 5'3")

Stephen is Irish/English but still its pronounced wrong All-The-Time.still Italian Girl Problems!