I want this in remembrance of my best friend my partner in crime my cousin Jayson Core I know he's up there pissed in not drunk right now!! him!!

Check Out 30 Dandelion Tattoo Ideas. There’s no specific meaning for dandelion tattoos since they just got popular just recently. Although some farmers consider dandelions as weeds, dandelions are edible and have good benefits.

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To the point. Lovely tattoo ideas to pay tribute to dad. Would maybe actually use his signature of how he signed "Dad".

Tattoos in Memory of Lost Loved Ones                              …

I love the idea of having birds on me somewhere cos I feel like they represent freedom. Feather are beautiful and I love the use of colour. I have seen loads of similar feather to bird tattoos but always in black and white.

Wow, was thinking of doing a memorial tattoo in remembrance of some very special people in my life...this quote is PERFECT and almost made me cry.

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“The ones that love us never really leave us.” Harry Potter quote as a tattoo - love the placement, quote and font

Memorial Tattoos are done in the remembrance for someone close, who has left the earth. We all have occasions where we want to remember somebody who was very dear to us. We try to pay a tribute to the person…

Some more designs of the memorial tattoos would include a portrait, red or white roses, birthstones, objects close to the deceased person, etc.

"God has you in his arms, I have you in my heart. TBS" Remembrance tattoo for my uncle.

"God has you in his arms, I have you in my heart. TBS" Remembrance tattoo for my uncle.

Well that's not very much considering that the sky is just the reflection of the earths water on the ozone and in actuality the sun is constantly surrounded by stars in space..... Sooo.. The suns Probly like "god can I just get some alone time"! If it was alive.. Which it's not.. Hypothetically. c:

I know I will. But my memories of you are like precious jewels; I wouldn't exchange them for all the material wealth in the world