Halo 5 Guardians Wallpaper

Halo 5 Guardians Wallpaper

Jefe Maestro

B5 Blasts Back

"Go ahead and run. I've got four little friends. And they all run faster than you." Unknown Spartan and what I'm like every time I have a sniper in halo :P

My ring (not so big) that I hope my future husband will get from the diamond studio in Toronto! Love his work! each are gorgeous!

This ring was made with a Emerald Cut. The Emerald sits in a cut cornered Italian pave halo. On the shank I used a smaller diamond then I usually use to make the shank even more dainty.


ArtStation - Halo: Chief and Cortana Loot Crate Isaac Hannaford

Been a long time  by *BossLogic

Amazing Master Chief Art, i might get it as a print someday.