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For Sale on - FINE, by Rachel Lee Hovnanian. Offered by Leila Heller Gallery.

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No bad days neon sign! Make everyday a good day and be positive! When you are feeling defeated, remember that yo still have it better off than a lot of people out there.

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Why seems to negative today?I knw unlike others you don't have negative thoughts but respect atleast what others are going through, if you can't make it easy for them!its not always about denials!

Imagen de Neon Genesis Evangelion, shinji, and kaworu

Imagen de Neon Genesis Evangelion, shinji, and kaworu

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This is weird but it's a great concept for a story, bunches of plot ideas pop up just looking at it.

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Our custom Beni Ourain rug in such a beautiful decor! From Baba Souk Wallpaper by Justina Blakeney