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It would be too easy to that I feel invisible. I feel painfully visible-the freak, the outcast- and entirely ignored.

If you ignore someone, you make a conscious choice to communicate that they are not important - Ignore Quote

The same people who are candy to our eyes can be poison to our hearts. Study their ingredients before feeding - Life Lesson Quote

hurt mypost feelings ignored forgotten left out cancelled second option blamed

hurt mypost feelings ignored forgotten left out cancelled second option blamed, man dose it work to not get hurt over these stupid things:)

That's not a team. That's being taken for granted.

5 Signs You're Being Taken For Granted - Balanced Narrative

I never asked you to push anyone aside for me, I never would. That would be selfish. The same attention you enjoyed from me was all I wanted from you in return. Guess I wasn't emportant enough Hahahhaha yep.

#positive   being ignored by someone whose attention means the world to you is the worst feeling  http://www.positivewordsthatstartwith.com/

Those ppl dont give 2 shits about u and they simply prove it everytime they ignore you when they know what it does to u on the inside. They don't care if ur dead or alive.its true

Never was, never will be. You were supposed to be there for me and you failed me... Always failed me.

I get it. why do you make me feel that way when my heart is 100 abd morw towards you!

if you aren't going to consistently make an effort with me, don't expect me to make an effort to care.

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Truth is that you have no right to lie because I don't ignore you it's you who ignore me. So it's what you want I can't keep hurting myself. An you don't even give me credit. So I hope it comes back on you an you get your s