1998 - Power lines were down for thousands of kilometers. << This was absolutely horrific to live through.

Snapshot: Ice Storm ’98

Quebec Ice Storm - 1998 Wasn't just in Quebec. It also was in the Atlantic provinces and eastern Ontario.

heavy frost  Someone doesn't know the difference between frost and ice.  Only ice could do this.

Week Snow and Ice -Tree bent by the weight of snow (we had an ice storm in Vermont around twenty years ago that looked like this terrifying and beautiful and destructive)

Aftermath of an ice storm in Geneva: Switzerland: by James Forsyth


Susan Tuttle Photography -- Maine ice storm

Susan Tuttle Photography -- Maine ice storm---Witnessed this in an upstate NY winter storm. Each needle perfectly encased!

\\// In The Forest Of The Ice Witch by on @deviantART

Tree cold atmosphere in Montclair, New Jersey >looks like a piece of art!

Jeremy Hiebert photography   | Dock Icicles, 2011 | Okanogan, British Columbia

Queen of Ice and Snow / Fairytale / karen cox. The silvery-grey of icicles glistening in the sun was the inspiration for the collection 'Icicle' (Winter 2012 marlies