Lázaro Rosa Violán is a fashionable interior designer responsible for some of the most interesting decoration projects in Spain

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Pink wall Beautiful Hot-Pink Exterior of the Hotel Rosas & Xocolate, Mexico.

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Patisserie III, una pasticceria rosa a Madrid

ideo-arquitectura-madrid-bakery-art-installation - more than strawberry pink-painted wooden sticks add a playful yet polished personality to the overall

The Time Hotel, New York, USA

When hotelier Vikram Chatwal first opened the lifestyle-oriented Time hotel back in the property ushered in a new era for his Hampshire group that prompted the launches of the Chatwal and the Dream series in swift succession. This month marks the.

20 October 2017 - King Felipe and Queen Letizia attend an audience with the winners of Princess of Asturias Awards in Oviedo - dress by Carolina Herrera, shoes by Uterque

looks a bit eerie, but also beautiful. Entry Gate, The Guild Inn, Toronto, Canada photo by sigma

Grand Budapest Hotel Detail Drawings

Lorena G is a Barcelona-based graphic designer with a thing for Wes Anderson movies. So much so, that after she watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, she got to work on a series of twenty illustrations…

The Rise of The Designer Bakery

Praktik Hotels has again engaged their go-to designer, Lazaro Rosa Violán, to create their latest hotel, Praktik Bakery in Barclelona. It is a cool designer hotel where the bakery is not just a branding gimmick but the real soul of the hotel.