Hotel Los Gatos, Los Gatos CA    Beyond the ivy-framed entrance--a beautifully detailed natural theme that plays out throughout the property-- Hotel Los Gatos offers widespread rooms and wonderful service. A classically Mediterranean courtyard contains peaceful patio and balcony seating and a handsome pool and jacuzzi area for ultimate relaxation.

Finally, a hotel rewards program that lets you stay where you want to stay.

Hotel Los Gatos, Los Gatos  Starts at $70 per person.

A beautiful courtyard ceremony for a California Dream wedding at Hotel Los Gatos

Los Gatos Hotel offers a home to Deo Deka and Spa treatments . One of the most luxurious places to stay in Siliocn Valley

A beautiful luxury hotel. Great for visiting guests or an overnight getaway. Dio Deka restaurant is also located in this hotel.

A stunning bride & groom moment at Hotel Los Gatos #California #Dream #Wedding #Bride #Groom

A stunning bride & groom moment at Hotel Los Gatos #California #Dream #Wedding #Bride #Groom

Hotel Los Gatos Stay there after visiting Picchetti Winery and dining at Manresa

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