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horse head sketch by | horse head sketch by mukiya traditional art drawings animals 2010 2013 ...

umm sketched and smudged. used HB to do out line and lighter shading then used a darker for the rest thanks for the scary amount of views O.o Horse head sketch

How to draw a horse head front view

I know I posted this once already, but I had to tweak with it a little bit more. xD You probably can't even tell the difference, but. How to Draw a Horse Head--Front View

Horse Head Lineart by Mistyhills ...

Horse Head Lineart by Mistyhills . Assign a face marking after teaching and have them color

линия рисунок лошади , с головы на белом фоне

See a rich collection of stock images, vectors, or photos for stylized horse head you can buy on Shutterstock.

Horse tutorial by ~kungpowkitten on deviantART

this is for a roleplay site I'm on. Hence the name 'Empy' ^_^ EDIT: I apologize for the older art style of this piece.

Drawing a horse's head. I didn't find this very informative, but it was a good drawing.

Drawing lesson for Beginner artists: The proportions of a horse - Step 4 : Drawing the head

Part 1 here, more technical: I made all these drawing from imagination. But I have been looking at horses for a long time and I look at them every day from life. If you want to get g...

made another mini tutorial about the basics of a horse head,i also will make a more detailed tutorials of the ears, mouth, nose, eye& etc. hope its usefull