I have not clue who the artist is ((sorry!!!)) BUT THIS IS SUPER COOL I wanna learn how to do that

nice Homestuck - Playing with trolls c: by MelSpontaneus on deviantART


I do this aaalllllll the time with my best friend.I am taller so I just sort of lean down on her boobs. Being the tall one with reason and common sense is a trouble.

DIY Plush Horns. I like this method when because,One it is more durable, two it is light weight, and you can paint the fabric to give it an ombra tone :0) honk

(Plush Homestuck Horns Tutorial by BaileyNickerson) For the people who like plush horns! I prefer hard horns though

#Homestuck - John, Rose, Dave, and Jade.

ikimaru: "well I believe it all is coming to an end, oh well I guess we’re gonna pretend, let’s see how far we’ve come!

White shirts with red sleeves are just. They're just Dave Strider shirts. That's all. Go home. They belong to the Homestuck fandom now.

White shirts with red sleeves are just. They're just Dave Strider shirts. They belong to the Homestuck fandom now.<<< ugh I need to learn home stuck is it a book a game what it is I may never know

Spencer was my favorite in ICarly XD. | #HomestuckFunny #HomestuckHumor #Homestuck

Movie and TV tidbits (28 photos)

Homestuck- "Home" by Phillip Phillips. Art by tumblr user paperseverywhere

Home - Phillip Phillips lyricstuck psh. I wasn't tearing up while looking through this.okay maybe a lil<< lucky you I can't cry to save my life

*waves arm in air* THIS IS ME! CASUAL COSPLAYING EVERY FRIDAY!!!!(not the actual guy in the picture)

Knight of time, god of sick beats, son of Aphrodite herself because hot damn Dave is motherfucking hot

this actually helps me understand them a bit better

Okay so I have a Moirail & Matesprit. I need a Auspistice & Kismesis. (like my favorite quadrant tbh) <<I have a flush crush, but absolutely zero quadrants :c

I read it with no problem wow. I am homestuck trash<--- you're not trash! Don't say that!

Either amazing things or you read Homestuck.<< i don't read homestuck, you just have to be able to see to do this.<< I don't read Homestuck, I guess I'm just awesome