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We would be together and have our books and be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright. - Ernest Hemingway A Moveable Feast

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A Way with Words: 10 of Ernest Hemingway's Greatest Quotes  -

A Way with Words: 10 of Ernest Hemingway's Greatest Quotes

The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded sometimes destroyed .

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Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual

Ernest Hemingway quote. (born 1898- died 1961). Hemingway writing in E. Africa in 1947, photo credit E. Theisen. (Beauty Quotes Famous)

Ernest Hemingway quote All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know.

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Ernest Miller Hemingway was an American novelist, short story writer, and journalist. Here's our collection of wise and honest Ernest Hemingway quotes:

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you'll fall in love with me all over again." "Hell," I said, "I love you enough now. What do you want to do? Ruin me? I want to ruin you. "That's what I want too." Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

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The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too. - Ernest Hemingway, Men Without Women