Top 10 plants for hedges and how to plant them.

TOP 10 Best Plants for Hedges and How to Plant Them

If you are thinking about planting a new hedge and have doubts on which plant is the best for you, we are offering a list of the most popular ones so you c

Hydrangeas in front of evergreen hedge

Gate flanked by Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' - Image No: 0337297 - GAP Gardens, garden and plant stock photography

Duftende und blühende Terrassenbepflanzung – ein Fest für alle Sinne.

Hedge Fence

love the mixture of white roses and lavender in the same rectilinear bed, lovely combination, modern and traditional

Olive trees pleached and pruned as a narrow hedge

Screening the Neighbours

Planting for privacy: pleached olive trees, underplanted with lavender & boxwood.

Le charme (aussi appelé charmille) permet de créer des haies peu larges et bien occultantes. L'hiver, les feuilles sèches mais restent sur la plante jusqu'à l'apparition des nouvelles pousses au printemps. Plus d'infos sur les différentes haies :

carpinus betulus, makes for a great, space saving screen, but needs clipping to maintain shape