Heath Ledger and Mel Gibson (The Patriot). This movie, and a book called The Drums of Autumn, are to blame for my abiding fascination with the 18th century.

Heath Ledger & Mel Gibson as Gabriel & Benjamin Martin - The Patriot

heath ledger joker

The joker: el diario de Heath Ledger

watched 10 things i hate about you (again.).  remembered what a cutie this guy was.

Heath Ledger from Ten Things I Hate About You. The first movie I ever saw him in! RIP my love

Recordando a Heath Ledger a 5 años de su muerte

Recordando a Heath Ledger a 5 años de su muerte

Just a little tribute to Heath. Heath Andrew Ledger April 1979 – 22 January was an Australian television and film actor. After performing roles in Australian television and film during the Ledger

Joker. The Dark Knight (2005).

The Dark Knight (2008)

Classic - DC Comics - The Dark Knight - Joker - Batman - Bruce Wayne - Heath Ledger - Christian Bale

Hello Heath. One of the most gifted, memorable actors of our time and the best role of his career.

Hello Heath.

I really loved Heath Ledger as an actor no matter what movie he had a role in. My most favorite movie of all time that he starred in was The Dark Knight. I can honestly admit that I fell in love with Heath Ledger and him as the Joker.

37 Ways We’ll Always Remember Heath Ledger

37 Ways We'll Always Remember Heath Ledger

37 Ways We’ll Always Remember Heath Ledger

@Kostas Tsipos Love this of Heath Ledger as the Joker

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Villain love. The joker. Heath Ledger. | Strange ~ ODd ~ crEEpy |

Strange things and oddities. The joker. Idk though, Batman's my man! Joker's cool, but how can you not root for a badass hero like Batman?

Heath Ledger. En el momento de su muerte, había completado menos de la mitad de su trabajo dando vida a Tony en la película 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus', film que fue completado y finalizado por Colin Farrell y Johny Depp. alleció a los 28 años de edad tras una sobredosis accidental de medicamentos. Pocos meses antes de su fallecimiento, el protagonista de 'Brokeback Mountain' había terminado la filmación de su penúltimo papel, como el Joker en 'The Dark Knight' ('El caballero…

Dear Heath, life here is less cool without you. Your achievements are measured in not only how much I adore the Joker, but in what a wonderful and aspirational actor and person you were. You were deserving of more time in this world.