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You are a Beautiful Person - Flower Happy Birthday Wishes Card: The sentiment of this birthday greeting card is made even more special by the soft, delicate floral details that surround it. Its message is simple but impactful; a reminder to someone you love-whether a dear friend, relative or significant other-that their beauty is something to be celebrated and cherished each and every day, but especially on their birthday.

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To a Dear Friend who is always close to my Heart

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Free and Funny Birthday Ecard: Jeni I was going to joke about getting older but then realized I was OLDER so Happy Birthday my Dear old but younger then me friend!

How about a splendid way to wish your friend Happy Birthday, Well just use these Birthday wishes, Print a card and arrange a party .. That is the way you go for it ..

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Some say the eyes are windows to our souls. I disagree. Much can be deciphered when someone smiles. I can't get enough of an adorable smile! and if you need a officiant call me at

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Prettiness: Luscious pastel colours

ballons & roses - make a wish and set them free at your weddings balloons; float into the air and represent the beautiful unknown roses; represent love, beautiful even with age